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Rite Aid Store Guide

The first step to saving big at Rite Aid is signing up for the Rite Aid wellness card.  You can sign up online (and print a temporary card) or in the store.  If you sign up in the store you will receive your card right away.  After you have your Wellness Card you can sign up for a wellness account at https://www5.riteaid.com/myriteaid/login.  Check your wellness account weekly, sometimes Rite Aid will give you printable store coupons.  Your wellness card also gives you other great benefits such as 10% off Rite Aid Brand products every day (You must present your Wellness card at checkout to receive this discount),  24/7 access to a pharmacist – Just call 1-800-RITEAID.,

You earn one point for every dollar you spend on non-prescription purchases (Excluded are: cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, online purchases, lottery tickets, licenses, money orders, money transfers, prepaid cards, stamps, and other mail services) Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase -(Prescriptions filled in NY/NJ are not eligible).  The more points you earn, the more rewards you get…Every 125 points – a one-time 10% off shopping pass, 500 points – 10% off on all non-prescription points purchases everyday, 500 points – free health screenings (Members will receive a certificate good for one free blood glucose and total cholesterol health screening at Quest Diagnostics or an equivalent service.), 1,000 points – 20% off on all non-prescription points purchases every day

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Rite Aid has a great store coupon policy.  You can find it HERE. I suggest you read over it so that you are familiar with the policy.  Knowing a stores coupon policy will help you use your coupons with confidence!  You could even print it out and stick it in your binder in case you need to review it.  The Rite Aid coupon policy states that you can use a BOGO Free coupon with a BOGO Free sale and get both items for free.  The policy also states that you can use 2 coupons on a BOGO Free sale.  You can use a coupon on the item you are buying and a coupon on the item you are getting for free.  The coupon policy also allows for “stacking”.  Stacking is when you use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item.  Rite Aid store coupons can be found in the weekly ad, in your wellness account online, and through the video values program.

Rite Aid Video Values

After you have signed up for a wellness card you should sign up online for a Video Values account (http://riteaid.adperk.com/#vo).  Rite Aid’s video values program gives you printable in-store coupons for watching short commercials.  You do not have to print your coupon immediately after watching the video.  The site will keep a list of your coupons for you and you can print them off as needed.  Video Values coupons can only be used once!  Your computer may allow to print more than one, but they are coded so that if you try to use a second copy the register will not accept it.  Sometimes Rite Aid offers a bonus coupon for watching a certain number of videos.  These coupons are usually “dollar off” coupons such as $5 off a $25 purchase or $4 off a $20 purchase.  These coupons can be used to really lower your out of pocket expense because they count your total before coupons.  For example your goal when using a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon is to get your total as close to$20 as possible BEFORE any coupons are applied to get your $4 off.  You can then give the cashier your manufacturer and other Rite Aid store coupons to bring your total down even lower!  For example, you purchase the Crest Mouthwash for $3.00 and use a $1.00 coupon and get back $3.00 UPR.  You get to count the full sale price of $3.00 towards your total but you are actually spending a net of -$1.00 after coupons and UPR.  When you give your coupons to the cashier always give any dollar off coupon first, followed by Rite Aid store coupons and then manufacturer coupons.  The registers seem to accept them better this way and are less likely to beep.

What is a UPR?

If you are new to Rite Aid shopping, a Plus Up Reward (UPR) is basically a store credit found on the bottom of your receipt in the form of a coupon.  It can be used like cash in the store.  You get them for purchasing certain items. The weekly ad will tell you if an item will produce a UPR. My favorite way to the UPR’s is on an item that also gives UPRs, this way I am giving them my UPR and they give me one back.  It is like trading paper money for more paper money!  For example, let’s say  Crest toothpaste on sale for $2.99 and it give s you $2.00 UPR back. I also have a $0.75 coupon for Crest.  I can use my coupon and pay $2.24 cash for the toothpaste get back $2 UPR to spend on something else in the store.  Even though I get $2.00 UPR I have still spent $2.24 of my own money.  If I have $2 in UPR from a previous purchase I can use it to buy my Crest toothpaste and the transaction will look like this.  I buy the toothpaste for $2.99 and use my $0.75 coupon to bring the price down to $2.24.  I then pay for the toothpaste with the $2 UPR that I saved from last week and bring my total down to $0.24 (much better than $2.24!  I still get the $2 UPR back to spend on something else in the store.  I will save this to spend on something else that will give me more UPR back.  This is called rolling.  UPRs can be spent on anything, but, rolling them is how you will keep your out of pocket (OOP) very low! 
Occasionally Rite Aid will advertise items as FREE after UPR.  As a couponer you can usually make money on these deals! For example Crest Mouthwash is on sale for $3.00 and you get $3.00 UPR back when you purchase the mouthwash.  If you  have a $1 coupon you only pay $2.00 and get back $3.00 in UPRs.  You make $1 profit!  This $1 can be used towards other items in your order. Remember that you won’t get cash back if your total is less than the UPRs that you use.
Pay attention to the limits listed in the Rite Aid ad.  Some UPR deals have a Limit of 1 per Wellness card and some have a much higher limit.  After you have reached your limit the UPR will not print if you purchase the item again.

Single Check Rebates (SCR)

Rite Aid also offers items that give you a rebate for purchasing them.  Sometimes the rebate is for purchasing a single item and sometimes you must purchase a combination of items.  The list of single check rebates can be found inside the store next to the weekly ad.  There are usually limits on how many rebates you can get and sometimes the item has to be purchased on a certain date.  The SCR program is great because it allows you to enter all your receipts online and request a rebate check once per month.  They send you once check for all your rebates instead of several small checks.  The rebate check can be deposited/cashed at your bank or used like cash at any Rite Aid store.

I hope I have explained this all well.  If there is something that doesn’t make sense or something that you have a question about please leave it in the comments or contact me through the button at the top right hand corner.  I would love to have to have your help refining this page and chances are you aren’t the only one that has the question

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