Walgreens can be an intimidating place to start your couponing adventure, however, once you get the hang of it you will be able to score some really amazing deals.  The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the Walgreens Coupon Policy found HERE.  Some great things about the policy is that it allows stacking and using a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale, getting you 2 free items!  Print it out and keep it in your coupon binder for reference.  This will help you walk in with more confidence.

There are 3 different types of coupons that can be used a Walgreens.  They are store coupons (found in booklets inside the store and weekly ads), manufacturer coupons, and Register Rewards.  Walgreens store coupons are found in the weekly ad and in coupon books that can be found on store.  The coupons from the books can also be printed from the Walgreens website, but I would save your ink if you can find the coupon books in the store (they always have several when I am in there).  You might also find store coupon is a Diabetes magazine in the pharmacy.  Walgreens allows you to stack coupons which means that you can use 1 Walgreens coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item.  You should always give your manufacturer coupons first follwed by your Walgreens coupons and Register Rewards.  This allows you to retain the full value of all of your coupons.   Basically if the value of your “stacked” coupons exceeds the value of the item presenting the manufacturer coupon first will allow the register to take the ful l amount off of both coupons and will give you overage.  The overage will then be applied to other items in your order.  Overage is what happens when the coupon value exceeds the item price.  They can not give you cash back for overage so it is best to have other items in your order to absorb the overage. The register is much less likely to beep (error) if you do it this way.    Register Rewards (RR) are also considered manufacturer coupons, so that complicates things a little bit. For example if you purchase a bottle of Crest mouthwash and use a $2 manufacturer coupon you can not use a RR as well.  This is where “filler” items come in.  A filler item raises your item count so that you do not have more manufacturer coupons and RR than you do items.  For example you could purchase the Crest mouthwash and a $0.50 piece of candy or other inexpensive item. You could then use your $2 manufacturer coupon on the crest and the RR on the candy.  It is fine if your RR exceeds the value of your filler item.  It is strictly a coupon to item ratio.  Walgreens store coupons will not affect your coupon to item ratio.  In my experience it is easiest to count the items in you cart and count your manufacturer coupon and RR together.  Just make sure you item count it greater than or equal to your manufacturer coupon plus RR count.

Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons that print at the register because you purchased certain items.  They come from a Catalina machine(the same kind they have at Kroger) at the register.   There are some things that you should know about Register Rewards.  Register Rewards have a limit of one per transaction for identical items.  There is no limit to how many will print if they are from different items.  For example if Crest has a $2 RR and you purchase 2 Crest in the same transaction you will only get 1 $2 RR.  If you purchase them in separate transactions the RR will print for both packages.  Another rule for RR is that if you use  RR from one item to pay for an identical item in a separate transaction the RR will not print.  For example: If Crest prints a $2 RR and you buy another package of Crest in a separate transaction and you use the $2 RR from your first Crest purchase to lower your out of pocket the $2 RR from your Crest purchase will not print.  You can however use a RR from a different item to pay and you RR will still print.  For example if you purchase a package of Crest that prints a $2RR and pay with a $2 RR from a Nivea bodywash purchase your $2 Crest RR will still print.  Clear as mud?  Here is the bottom line:  You will only get one RR per identical qualifying item purchased in a single transaction.  If you use a RR from a qualifying item to pay for an identical qualifying item in a separate transaction, the RR will not print. If you don’t get a RR and you think you should have review the items in your order to make sure you have purchased the qualifying items.  If you have purchased the correct items and still did not get a RR you can either return your items or keep them and call the Catalina company at 1-888-8coupon.  Have your receipt information ready and tell them which items you purchased that should have given you a RR.  Catalina will review your transaction information and mail you any missing RR that you should have received.

Walgreens does issue rainchecks.  They are good for 30 days from the day issued.  Walgreens may also substitute and item if the advertised sale item is out of stock.
Walgreens can be a difficult store to get the hang of, but once you do (and you will) you will get some great deals!  Please “contact me” by using the blue button in the upper right hand corner of the screen if you have any questions.  Help me perfect this page and make it more understandable!  You can also leave a comment if you have any helpful tips or tricks.  I will add them to the page and then delete the comment.

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