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Have you ever hear of swag bucks?  Have you looked at the site and been totally confused about what to do with it? Swag Bucks is a website that allows you to earn "swag bucks" just by searching the internet!!  What is a "swag buck"?  Swag bucks are basically points that allow you to purchase things online from the "swag store".  My favorite thing to purchase with my swag bucks is a $5 Amazon.com e-gift card. There are many prizes available to use your swagbucks on, however, I find this to be the best value.  If you have never shopped on Amazon, you should still consider redeeming your swagbucks this way.  They often have free shipping available for purchases over $25 and have a wide variety of items to purchse.  I do most of my Chrsitmas shopping on Amazon because they have better deals than I can get in the stores!

What is Swag Bucks?
Swag Bucks is an online search engine that allows you to earn "swag bucks" or points for doing every day searches.  You can then cash your points in for prizes and gift cards.  MY favorite prize is the $5 Amazon.com gift card.  It is the highest value for the least amount of points.  Amazon.com has tons of items you could purchase and they often qualify for FREE shipping.  They also run really great sales. *Don't tell, but I used Amazon last Christmas and paid full price for NOTHING!  I also got free shipping, making all of my purchase online way cheaper than they would be in the store!*

How do you earn Swag Bucks?
Searching:  Use their search engine for your everyday searching.  You will be awarded swag bucks randomly just for searching.  You can usually win 3-4 times a day an average of 10 swag bucks each time.  Thats 30-40 swag bucks a day or 900-1200 a month (2 gift cards) just for searching.  If you don't win right away try again in a few minutes.  Try searching in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

Daily Polls:  From the main swag bucks page select the "earn" menu and then select "daily poll".  You get 1 swag buck just for doing the poll (30 per month)

Surveys: After having swag bucks for 7 days you can sign up for the trusted surveys.  You can earn up to 100 swag bucks for completing a survey and 5 swag bucks for each profile you complete about yourself.  Even if you don't do a single survey you will earn 1 swag buck just for visiting the surveys!

Toolbar: Download the swag bucks toolbar, you will get 1 swag buck per day

NOSO: (No Obligation Special Offer) Click through them (you can answer no to each one) and you will earn 1 swag buck)

*Just doing these things can earn you 34 swag bucks per day!*

Other ways to earn swagbucks are to watch swagTV, play games, print coupons, and have your friends sign up under your name.  You also get 50 swag bucks on your birthday!

What are you waiting for?  Sign up now! *Use this link to earn 30 Swag bucks*