Monday, January 24, 2011

Coupon Tips

I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks for using your coupons
Tip #1:  Pay attention to the wording on the coupon not the picture!!Most coupons will put the most expensive item on the picture so that you will be more likely to buy it.  For example if you have a coupon that states “$2 off any Shick Razor” it will likely have a picture of the most expensive $10 razor.  You do not have to purchase the pictured item, the wording of a coupon is what counts!  Because the coupons states that it can be used on anySchick razor you can use it on a package of disposables.  Wal-Mart has disposable Schick razors for $1.97.  You can use your coupon to get them for free!!

Tip #2: Always buy smaller packages!!We’ve always been taught that buying in bulk is cheaper right…wrong!   It took me a long time to be convinced that smaller packages, with a coupon, are actually a better deal.  Here is an example: you can buy a big bottle of shampoo for $4.50, after your coupon you pay $3.50 and feel like you are getting a lot for your money.  The smaller bottle of shampoo (probably half the size of a big bottle) costs $2.50.  If your coupon has no size restriction and you use it to buy the smaller bottle you are paying $1.50 after your coupon.  If you have 2 coupons and buy 2 small bottles for $3 you have bought the same amount of shampoo as the bigger bottle (just in smaller containers) and have spent $3 instead of $3.50.  These savings add up quickly!  You now have enough shampoo to last you until it goes on sale again!
Tip #3: Check the travel/trial size aisle!If your coupon does not state that it excludes travel/trial size items and does not have a size restriction it can be used on travel/trial size items.  Companies often put out $1.00 coupons for body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergent.  Most of these items have travel sizes that are $0.97 – $0.99 each.  If you use your $1.00 coupon you get the item for free!  I usually hold on to these coupons until a few days before they expire, just in case a deal comes along.  If I don’t have them set aside for another deal I use them to get free products!   These are great if you want to try a new item.  They are also great to take on trips or to donate.  If you know any college students I am sure they would love your travel size laundry detergent (you can get travel Tide free almost every month).  It is nice to have once less thing to carry when you have to haul your laundry to the laundromat!
***If you have any question or any tips you would like to add leave a comment!***

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