Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Brags Jan. 30 - Feb. 05

It is always fun to get great deals with your coupons.  This page is for you to come and share them with the rest of us!  Tell us what you got, where you got it, what coupons you used, and of course your final totals!  I can't wait to hear how every does this week! Leave a comment!


  1. Went to CVS this week. Had $5 in ECB with me from last week. After sales/coupons and earning more ECB's, walked out paying $27:

    Tide - 64 Load
    8 count Bounty Paper Towel
    9 roll of Charmin TP
    1 Nyquil
    2 Herbal Essences
    2 Head & Shoulders
    2 Special K (big boxes)
    1 Raisen Bran Crunch (big box)

    If I would have went to Walmart, my $27 would have only picked up the detergent and the cereal.

  2. My CVS deal:

    5 cases of Diet Coke
    1 Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes
    1 Softsoap refill

    Total Cost $ 22.99
    -ecb $8.99
    -$10 gift card (from internet deal)

    I paid $4.00 (before tax) and got $5.00 ecb

  3. At Kroger today I saved:
    $5 from the Mega Event (10 qualifying items)
    $17.23 MC & bonuses (doubling MC's <=$.50)
    $17.46 Senior discount
    $6.25 E-coupons (digitally loaded on card)
    Total saved = $45.94

    It was a good day for stocking up for the month.

  4. Thats great. I had no idea Kroger doubled coupons!

  5. They double them every Wednesday don't they?

  6. I went to Rite-Aid this morning and this is what I got:

    1 Coldcalm
    2 Bags Halls cough drops
    1 Revitalens contact solution
    1 Bag Uncle Ben's Rice
    2 Bags Betty Crocker cookie mix
    1 Nivea men's body wash
    2 Gilette men's deodorant
    2 Packs Dixie plates
    2 Bottles Finesse shampoo
    1 Box condoms

    Total before Wellness card and Coupons: $69.06
    Total after card, coupons and +UP rewards: $20.43

    I left with $11 in rebates and $17 +Up Rewards for a grand total of: +$7.57!!

  7. That is awesome Hannah! Do you mind if I copy/paste your comments on to this weeks post. I totally forgot to put this weeks under the "weekly brags" section and didn't realize it until I saw your comment!