Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Groceries for the week

I have done the grocery shopping for the week and have spent a total of $51.81($70.76 before sales and coupons)!  I am really proud of myself.  Before couponing I would spend easily $115 a week.  Now, because I have stock-piled on really great deals, I don't have much to buy each week.  This week I went to Food City and Wal-Mart. I don't mind going to both because they are so close to each other.  The savings is worth the extra stop to me.  I was able to get everything we will need for the week plus a few "stock-pile" items.  Everything else we need for the week I already had in the pantry or freezer from stocking up at rock bottom prices during sales and using coupons.  Click on "Read More" to see how I did!

Food City:
2 packages Kraft cheese cubes
1 package hamburger buns (8 ct.)
5 apples (2.96 lbs.)
2 english cucumbers
1 package Fresh Express Salad
3 jars Ragu alfredo sauce
Total: $13.07

2 applesauce
1 Skippy peanut butter
2 Smuckers simply fruit strawberry jelly
2 Smart Balance butter
2 Dannon L&F 4pk yogurt
1 Smart Balance vegetable oil
1 Jacks Pizza
2 Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread
1 package tortilla shells
1 box Sunbeam fruit and grain bars
1 dozen eggs
1 bag Pillsbury bread flour
1 bag sugar
1 package Cheese Heads string cheese
1 package turkey
Total: $38.74

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  1. Impressive! I am not as good as you, but have found myself saving $10-$15 a week, which can add up quickly! Shelley in Marion