Friday, February 11, 2011

My Rite Aid trip this week

I went to Rite Aid 2 times this week.  I only planned on going once, but I decided the price of Little Fever was too goo to pass up, so I went back for 2 more (not pictured)!  I would have gotten this all for FREE, but they were sold out of all the Betty Crocker (that would have been my money maker to cover the rest of the items). My total before sales and coupons was $56.09.  I ad $23.33 savings from sale prices and I had $13.50 in coupons. I spent $1.26 OOP and $18 UPR.  I got back $12 UPR.  So basically it cost me $7.26 (less than the price of 1 little fevers before the sale!)
I got:
2 Welch's 100% White Grape Juice
2 Bounty Basic Paper towels
2 Gillette hair and body wash
1 Finesse Shampoo
1 Finesse Conditioner
2 Little Fevers
1 Little Noses
2 Mentos

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