Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What would you like to see?

I am trying to decide what direction to take this blog.  It would be helpful if everyone tells me what they are interested in seeing.  Do you want to see all the great deals out there, including online and store deals that don't necessarily involve coupons? (such as Amazon, Target, Kohls).  Would you rather me just stick to great coupons, free samples and store deals?  Of course I can't post everything because I am home playing with two awesome little boys all day, but I get to it when I can, mostly nap time and evenings.  :)

If you have any thoughts about it, leave a comment!


  1. I love all that you are doing...so helpful! I would be happy either way...I have found a couple of sights that have given alerts when amazon has free books for kindle (or in my case I put them on my pc)...really like that. I've gotten 4 books for free...for a book lover like me that's exciting! So...however you want to add to your blog I would be happy. Just one opinion! :) Enjoy those awesome boys!! they grow up to big boys WAY to FAST!! :( Suzie

  2. I am partial to the coupons and free samples. But would love to hear more about Amazon and Target. Whatever direction you take it, it is all good for me, though. Shelley in Marion

  3. Suzie - That is a great idea! I never even thought about putting the books on my computer. I always pass them by because I don't have a Kindle. Now I know better :)