Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview - July 31

It is a big weekend for coupons!  We are expecting 4 coupons inserts this week. You should have 1 Smart Source, 1 Proctor & Gamble and 2 Red Plums. Here is a list of the coupons that you might see in you newspaper this Sunday.  Remember that coupons and their values vary by region.  To get the best available coupons buy the newspaper of the nearest large city.  This would be a good week to get several papers.

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Aveeno Suncare Product $1.00/1 x8/31/11
Band-aid Adhesive Bandage $0.50/1 x12/31/11
Bestlife Buttery Spread, Spray, Sticks $0.50/1 x10/09/11
BIC Razor $2.00/1 x9/11/11
BIC Stationery Products $1.00/2 x9/30/11
Blink Tears or Blink Gel Tears Lubricating Eye Drops $1.00 x9/30/11
Clean & Clear Product $1.00/1 x9/30/11
Colgate 360 Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothbrush $1.00 x8/31/11
Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief Toothpaste $1.50/1 x8/31/11
Complete Blink-n-clean Drops or Blink Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops $1.00 x9/30/11
Complete Multipurpose Solution $1.00/1 12 oz+ x9/30/11
Duck Brand packaging Tape $0.50/1 x9/30/11
Eat smart Naturals Snack $0.75/1 5 oz+ x10/31/11
Efferdent Product or Effergrip $0.75/1 x11/30/11
Eggland’s Best Cage Free Dozen Eggs $0.35/1 x12/31/11
Eggland’s’ best Eggs $0.35 x12/31/11
Ensure Multipack $1.00/1 x10/31/11
Extra, Orbit, Eclipse, Juicy Fruit, Double mint, Spearmint, Big Red or Winterfresh $0.50/2 14-15 ct. x10/31/11
Extra, Orbit, Eclipse, Juicy Fruit, Double mint, Spearmint, Big Red or Winterfresh $1.00/1 3-Pack x10/31/11
Finish Powerball or Gelpac $0.75/1 x9/11/11
Finish Quantum $1.00 x9/11/11
General Mills Cereals Chex*Fiber One*Honey Nut*Oatmeal Crisp*Raisin Nut*Total x9/10/11
Glade Automatic Spray Refill $1.50 x9/10/11
Glade Fabric & Odor Eliminator Product $1.00 x9/10/11
Glade Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder $3.00/1 x9/20/11
Glade Scented Oil Plugins or Two Single refills $1.00 x8/20/11
Listerine Mouthwash 50 ml or larger OR Reach Toothbrush OR Reach Floss OR Reach Access Flosser $0.50/1 x12/31/11
Listerine Mouthwash 500ml or larger AND Reach Toothbrush AND Reach Floss or Reach Access Flosser $3.00/3 x12/31/11
Listerine Mouthwash 500ml or larger and/or Reach Toothbrush and/or Reach Floss or Reach Access Flosser $1.50/any 2×12/31/11
Listerine Smart Rinse Mouthwash OR Listerine Agent Cool Blue Rinse 500ml IR Reach Kids Toothbrush $1.00/1 x12/31/11
Listerine Smart Rinse Product OR Reach Toothbrush Product $1.00 x12/31/11
Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1L+ or any Total Care plus Whitening Mouthwash 32 fl oz OR Restoring Listerine Mouthwash 1L OR Listerine Zero Mouthwash 1L $1.00/1 x12/31/11
Mitchum for Women Product $0.75/1 x9/4/11
$1.00 on any fresh eggs when you purchase two packages of Naturesweet Cherry Tomatoes x10/31/11
Neosporin product and one Band-aid Adhesive Product and $1.50 x9/30/11
Nuetrogena Face Makeup $2.00 x8/31/11
Nuetrogena Lip or Eye Makeup e$1.00 x8/31/11
Purell Product $1.00/1 8 oz+ x10/31/11
Purell Products $1.00/3 x10/31/11
Revlon Beauty Tool $1.00/1 x10/31/11
Rubbermaid takealongs $1.00/2 x9/10/11
Schiff Glucosamine $2.00 x10/31/11
Schiff Mega D3 $2.00 x10/31/11
Schiff Mega Red $3.00 x10/31/11
Schiff Vitamin or Supplement $1.00 x10/31/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Active Scrub Cream Cleanser $1.00 x9/11/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Wipes $1.00/2 x9/11/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners $1.00/2 x9/11/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Extend A Clean Bathroom Cleaner or Daily Shower Clener $1.00 x9/11/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner $1.00 x9/11/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer $1.00 x9/11/11
BUY ONE Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel GET ANY Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Product FREE x9/11/11
Splenda Essentials $3.00/1 x8/15/11
Splenda Sugar Blend or Brown Sugar Blend $1.00 x9/12/11
Tyson Grilled and ready Products $1.00 x10/31/11
Welch’s Jams Jellies or Spreads $1.00/3 x10/31/11
Windex Products $1.00/2 x9/24/11
Wonder file Portable Workstation $3.00 x9/18/11
Woolite Formula $1.00/1 x9/30/11
Woolite Stomp’n Go $1.00 x9/30/11
Yoplait Greek Yogurt $0.50/2 x9/24/11
$1.00/1 Always Pantiliners (30 ct or larger)
$1.00/1 Always infinity (14 ct or higher)
$0.50/1 Always pads,clean or feminine cleansing cloths
$0.50/1 Bounce dryer bar product
$0.25/1 Bounce dryer sheet or dryer bar refill
$0.25/1 Bounty towels or napkins
$0.25/1 Bounty napkins
$5.00/1 Braun cruzer trimmer
$10.00/1 Braun series3,series5 or series7 shaver
$1.00/1 Cascade
$0.25/1 Charmin product
$2.00/1 Clairol hair color
$1.00/1 Covergirl product
$10.00/1 Crest 3D white professional effects or 2 hour express whitestrips
$5.00/1 Crest 3D withe advanced vivid,vivid,stain shield,or gentle routine whitestrips
$0.50/1 Crest tootpaste 4.0 oz or more or liquid gel
$2.00/1 Crest rinse 946 ml or larger
$0.75/1 Crest toothpaste 4.0 oz or more or liquid gel (excludes Crest cavity,baking soda,tartar)
$0.50/1 Dawn
$0.50/1 Downy liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets
$0.75/1 Duracell copertop,ultra advanced,ultra photo lithium or specialty batteries
$1.00/1 Duracell rechargeable batteries or one Duracell charger or one 6-pack or larger Duracell hearing aid batteries
$0.50/1 Fixodent adhesive 1.05oz or larger
$0.75/1 Fixodent cleanser
$2.00/1 Gillette body wash (exclude trial size)
$3.00/2 Gillette deodorants or one Gillette clinical deodorant (exclude trial size)
$2.00/1 Gillette fusion skin care
Buy one Gillette fusion proglide cartridge get a free Gillette fusion proglide shave prep (up to $4.29)
$4.00/1 Gillette fusion proglide razor
$0.50/1 Head & Shoulders shampoo or conditioner (exclude trial size)
$1.00/1 lams naturals dry dog or cat food
$1.00/1 lams premium protection dry dog or cat food
$1.00/1 lams proactive health dry dog or cat food
buy 3 lams canned dog or cat food get 1 free (up to $1.00)
$0.50/1 Ivory body wash or bar or safeguard bar or liquid hand soap
$1.00/1 Metamucil product
$1.00/1 Metamucil fiber singles,capsules,or wafers
$5.00/1 Olay pro-x facial moisturizer 
pr pro-x clear (excludes trial sizes,cleansers,pro-x cleansing device & refills)
$3.00/1 Olay regenerist facial moisturizer (excludes trial size)
Buy one Olay body wash,bar or hand and body lotion,get one satin care shave gel free (up to $3.99)
$0.50/1 Oral B stages, zooth or Crest kid’s manual or power toothbrush
$0.50/1 Oral B stages,zooth or Crest kid’s toothpaste
$10.00/2 Oral B replacement brush heads 3 count or greater
$3.00/1 Oral B replacement brush heads 3 count or greater
$0.75/1 Oral B pulsar,crossaction advantage or any two indicator or cavity defense manual toothbrushes
$3.00/1 Oral B battery toothbrush
$0.75/1 Oral B floss or one Oral B floss picks 30 ct or more
$1.00/1 Pampers diapers or Pants
$2.00/1 Pampers swaddlers sensitive,swaddlers,cruisers,limited edition prints or extra protection diapers
$2.00/1 Pampers diapers or Pants and one Pampers 60 ct or larger
$1.00/2 Pantene products (excludes trial sizes)
$0.25/3 Puffs singles or one 3-pack
$0.75/1 Scope mouthwash 710 ml or larger
$1.00/1 Secret flawless,scent expressions or fresh effects deodorant twin pack
Buy two Secret scent expressions or fresh effects deodorants,get one Secret body spray free (up to $5.00) (exclude trial size)
$5.00/1 Swiffer wet jet or Swiffer sweeper vac starter kit
$1.00/1 Swiffer sweeper or Swiffer dusters starter kit
$0.75/1 Swiffer refill or dust & shine
Buy one Tampax pearl compact get one Tampax pearl compact (18-22 ct) free (up to $3.99)
$1.00/1 Tampax pearl or Tampax pearl compak (18 ct or higher)
$0.50/1 Tampax (18 ct or higher)
$1.00/1 Tide detergent
$0.50/1 Tide stain release product
$1.50/1 Tide stain release 26-50 oz powder,15-34 ct duo pac or 36-68 oz liquid.
Buy one Venus refill get $5.00 off a Venus razor ( excludes disposables)
$2.00/1 Venus or daisy disposable razor
$1/1 Tresemme shampoo or conditioner (excludes trial) 8-28
$1/1 Tresemme styling product (excludes trial) 8-28
B1G1 FREE Buy any 1 dove shampoo, conditioner (excludes 20oz and trial and travel sizes) and get 1 Dove Treatment FREE *up to $6.00 8-28
$1.25/1 Dove beauty bar (6pack or larger). Excludes Dove Mens+ Care 8-28
$1/1 Dove bodywash 10oz or larger (excludes men+ care) 8-28
$1/1 Dove Men+ Care body and face wash (13.5oz or larger) or active clean shower tool 8-28
$1/1 Dove Men+Care body and face bar (6pk or larger ) 8-28
B1G1 FREE Buy any 1 Dove womens deoderent (ultimate or clinical protection) and get a FREE Men+Care antiperspirant 2.7oz or deoderent 3.0oz (excludes trial, travel sizes and multipacks) Up to $5.50 8-28
$1.50/1 Vaseline product 3.1 oz or larger 8-28
$1/1 degree men or women premium anti-perspirant and deoderent or body mist 8-28
$1/1 degree men or womens anti perspirant and deoderent 8-28
B1G1 FREE buy any Axe shower gel or detailer and get one axe shower gel or detailer Free (up to $5.99) 9-24
$1/2 Q-tips cotton swabs products 170ct or larger 8-28
$1/1 Caress tahician renewal cashmere luxury, daily silk, evenly gorgeous, velvet bliss, glowing touch, sheer twilight or scarlet blossom 12 oz body wash or larger or 6 bar pack or larger 8-28
$1/1 Magnum Ice cream 8-28
$1/3 Hellmans products 16.5oz or larger 8-28
$1.25/2 wishbone or western dressings 8-28
$1/2 Skippy peanut butter products 15oz or larger 8-28
$1/2 lipton tea bags, lipton to go or ay iced tea mixes 8-28
$1/3 Ragu pasta sauce 8-28
$2/1 Root Rescue product 9-25
$2/1 excellence or excellence to go shade 9-25
$1/1 Jimmy D’s product 9-30
$1/1 Marcal small steps towel 6roll or higher, or bath tissue 12 roll or higher or any 1 napkin 9-4
$.75/1 bottle of domino light or amber organic agave nectar 9-30
Redplum 2
Skinny cow- b1g1- buy one, get one free skinny cow singles chocolate candy and get one free (.77oz-1oz), up to $0.99 exp 10/31/11
Skinny cow- save $1.00/1 when you buy any one skinny cow multi-pack chocolate candy product (4.65oz-6oz) exp 10/31/11
Boost-$1.50/1 any one multipack or canister of boost nutritional drink or drink mix exp 10/2/11
Nestle coffee-mate $.55/1 nestle coffee-mate natural blisss product exp 10/30/11
Fat foam- $3/1 any shade fat foam permanent hari color exp 9/30/11

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