Monday, March 7, 2011

FREE Shout Wipes

Head over to the Printable Coupons tab to print a coupon for $1 off ANY Shout product .(search under household).  The 4 pack of shout wipes (found in the travel section) are only $0.97 at Walmart!  Use your coupon and they are FREE, plus $0.03 overage towards your other items (if you missed Walmarts new overage policy check out this post.  I suggest holding them until closer to the expiration date just in case a better deal for a full size product come along (like maybe Rite Aid next week) :).

**Please note that the savings center under the "printable coupons" tab is still printing in multiples of 3 only.  If you only select 1 coupon, 2 more will print at random.  If you select 3, the 3 you selected will print. They assure me they are working on the issue.  You can also print them at if you don't want to mess with printing in multiples of 3.

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