Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Brags Mar. 13 - Mar. 19

I would love to hear about your great shopping trips!  It's fun to brag on your savings. Leave a comment with great deals that you are getting.  Let us know where you got the deal so we can copy it!


  1. Went to Rite-Aid yesterday and most of the freebies I was going to get were already sold out so I ended up with some rainchecks. Also, the computer didn't print out my UPRs so I ended up with cash back in my wallet which works out too. :)

    I got $145 worth of products for $30, and have a few dollars in rebates coming back to me. Not too bad this week, but not my best. However, with my rainchecks I should be able to go back in the next couple of weeks and get quite a bit for free!

  2. Awesome Job! I hate it when they are out of items(especially free ones) and mess up my scenarios! Just make sure to use the raincheck before your coupons expire...I made that mistake once!

  3. CVS- Week of 3/13/11-3/19/11
    Shopping Trip #1
    *Spend $25 on select P&G products get $10 Extra Bucks
    8 boxes of Puffs Plus w/lotion (6 large boxes, 2 small boxes)- on sale 2/$3=$12
    6 Charmin Fresh-mates Wipes- on sale 2/$5=$15
    Total $27

    2 Herbal Essence Shampoo’s 2/$5.97 get $2 Extra Bucks
    2 Herbal Essence Conditioners 2/$5.97 (you can only get one Extra Bucks deal)
    (I had 2 B1G1 free coupons on top of that!)
    Total $11.94

    Dial Nutriskin Lotion $4.99 get $3 Extra Bucks
    Total $4.99

    *Spend $10 Maybelline Eye Makeup get $4 Extra Bucks
    2 Eye Shadow Duo’s $5.97 each
    Total $11.94

    Total cost after all coupons and use of previous Extra bucks…$8.92
    Total savings $74.06 (89.2% savings!!!)

    Trip #2
    *Spend $20 on Nexxus Hair Products get $10 Extra Bucks
    1 Nexxus Heat Protection Spray $14.29
    1 Nexxus Moisture Therapy Shampoo $6.39
    Total $20.68
    Total cost after all coupons and use of previous Extra bucks…$12.08
    Total savings $9.50 (46% savings!)

    Trip #3
    *Spend $20 Loreal Hair Care get $5 Extra Bucks
    1 Ever Sleek Restorative Smoothing Shampoo
    1 Ever Sleek Restorative Smoothing Conditioner
    1 Ever Sleek Restorative Leave-In Conditioning Cream
    1 Ever Sleek Restorative Smoothing/Anti-Friz Cream
    $5.99 each sale price
    Total $23.96
    3 Softsoap Ensembles Handsoap
    $2.00 Each (Regular price %7.99 each…75% off clearance!)
    Total $6.00
    Total cost after all coupons and use of previous Extra bucks…$7.26
    Total savings $50.97 (87.5% savings!)

    Weekly Total Spent $28.26
    Weekly Total Saved $134.53
    Weekly Percentage Saved 82%
    Weekly Total Extra Bucks Received $34